As someone who works in the media industry, you see a lot of things. Whether you work as a writer for an online magazine, a production assistant for movies, a creative team member for talk shows or you’re a PR person for a media giant, there are bound to be experiences that change your perspective forever. Working behind the curtain, you get to know the structure and the system that make up the entire production process, even if you only work in one small area. And let me warn you youngun’s gearing up for an entry-level media job; some things cannot be unseen and some lessons can never be unlearned.

Here are a few ways that working in the media production industry will change you:

  1. If you’ve been a part of the creative team…

Just the other day, there was a video recommended by Youtube where Mila Kunis was getting her parents’ old condo renovated. Halfway through the entire twenty minute video filled with old childhood photographs and a tear-jerking story about her parents’ journey as Russian immigrants, I found myself wandering off. The entire time I kept thinking to myself distractedly, I wonder what kind of research the creative team conducts to find celebrities who have family members who need house renovations? Do they have an entire database already filled with this information or do they go through their agents? I need to get those kind of contacts for my show!

  1. If you’re used to being a videographer…

You can no longer watch a movie without a part of you wondering about the kind of lighting they used in a certain shot and taking in all the different angles shot during a scene. Often during the movie you find yourself annoyingly searching online about the location of the film, whether it was shot on a special set or in a naturally stunning location. And before you know it you’ve already taken note for your next filming location.

  1. As a production assistant…

You’re no longer fooled by everything you see on television. TV shows like American Idol and X-Factor have been ruined for you forever. Even celebrity talk shows seem more contrived than usual because you’re only too familiar with the amount of ruthless tact required when creating the perfect spin to get just the right reaction from the audience. Whether it’s asking perfectly-timed questions to conjuring up the ideal atmosphere, you’ve done it so much yourself, you fail to be amused.

  1. If you’re used to working with celebrities…

You can’t help but wonder how it feels like working with the celebrities you see on television, even if you’re just laying down in bed in your pajamas and watching Ellen. “I wonder if so-and-so is a diva backstage and if she’s the kind who requests for the makeup room to be completely shut off to the rest of the crew, complete with a beefy security guard outside?” You no longer fall for celebrity images because you know that behind the publicity stunts and carefully constructed reputation, there’s a lot more to it.

  1. As a hustling PR person…

Seeing an Instagram caption with a big mistake gives you anxiety as you cringe with pity for the marketing person and the trouble they’re about to get into. Even just watching a celebrity goof up on their endorsement posts makes you squirm a little on the inside, knowing the kind of hard work that goes into selling a campaign. Not cool, Scott Disick.

Sometimes, working behind the camera takes the innocence out of things, and it can feel like you will never see the beauty in media anymore because you know all too well the amount of hard work that goes into manufacturing it. But deep down, you wouldn’t trade the things you’ve seen and the lessons you’ve learned for the world.

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